"It's You and Me Stefan...Always."

"A Steady Hand to Guide Me"
Chapter 2 of a Multi Fic
Rated M
Alison’s POV

After confessing her true feelings for Emily, Alison is both nervous and anxious for what the future holds for them. Emily helps her get over her nerves and guides her through the rocky terrain that is their new relationship.

I am so sorry for the long wait for chapter 2. I’m on mobile and it is difficult to get the chapters from my compter to my phone and then uploaded to Tumblr. Since you all had to wait so long for chapter 2 I will be uploading chapter 3 tpday or tomorrow if it gets too late. Thank you for your patience and hopefully it will not happen again.

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A thread of something tickles my cheek. It feels like a feather. I open my eyes and there are long, brown strands of hair hovering over my face. Underneath the raven locks is a face, hidden by the shadows of hair.

She giggles and feel a familiar tickle in my stomach. The girl takes her hand from where it is pressed down beside me on the bed and brings it up to her face. She grabs a handful of hair from the middle and pushes it back revealing her face.


She is hovering over me in all of her grandeur and beauty. She giggles again and looks at me “Ali,” she whispers before lowering herself down and pressing her lips to mine.

I clutch the bed sheets so hard that I am sure my knuckles are white and wait for something.

I wait for her lips to move against my own, or for her hand to slink up and touch the side of my face, anything.

Instead she just holds the same position until I cannot breathe anymore. And it isn’t a good kind of sufocation. The kind you feel when you are kissing someone that makes you forget how to breathe.

It is the kind that know and cannot forget.

Soon Emily’s shampoo is replaced with the smell of wet earth and her body is soil that is smothering me. I open my eyes again ond I can see my mother standing above me, pouring dirt into the ditch that know she put me in.

She isn’t as panicked as when it actually happened; she is staring directly at me and smiling like she’s doing something good.

"Mom!" I scream just like had the first time and I know she can hear me but she doesn’t stop

She pours soil into the grave she marked for me until I taste, hear, and see nothing but black.

I jump up quickly and clutch my chest as I try and catch my breath.

My heart is beating a mile a minute and my pajamas are sticking to me.

I wipe my forehead and notice that my hand is quivering.

I shake it off quicky and look around the room just to make sure that I really was dreaming.
I am in my room, it is day time, and there is no sign of Emily or my mother anywhere.

My nightmares are usually terrifying because they are just me reliving my own real horror. I’ve never had one go from really good to really bad like that.

Whoever’s controlling my mind up there is sick.

I take one last deep breath and then climb out of bed. I make my way over to my phone and pick it up. There is a message from Aria:

Spence wants to meet at the Brew this morning to talk. I’ll pick you up, ok?

Spencer probably just wants to talk about the same thing we talked about the night before but I’m desperate to get out of the house so I shoot Aria a quick “ok” message and then head for the shower.

Once inside I scrub every inch of my body until I am pink, making sure that there are no traces of the imaginary dirt from my dream lingering on me.

I wonder what would’ve happened if Emily had never morphed into my demise. Where things would’ve gone.

I stand under the steamy water just thinking about it until I hear my phone ringing and snap out of my trance.

I quickly turn the water off, wrap my towel around my body and head back to my room.

"Hello?" I say once I’ve answered

"Hey, Ali."

I smile immediately when I hear the voice on the other end and sit down on the edge of the bed “Hey, Em.”

"Did you get Spencer’s text?"

I sigh, halfway upset that she’s just calling to talk about our group plans “No, but Aria texted me the details. She’s gonna pick me up.”

"oh, uh I was calling about that. I thought maybe you’d need a ride, I know your dad works on weekends. But if Aria’s coming to get you then never mind."

I bite my lip, if only she knew how much I wanted her to pick me up rather than Aria “Yeah, I would’ve loved that but she’s already set in her decision and you know Aria.”

She giggles and I hold the phone tighter against my ear as if it’d make me feel any closer to her “Well I guess I’ll see you in a bit.”

I smile “Yeah.” I say and we say our goodbyes and hang up.

I get up to finish getting ready and I feel lighter because I know that in a bit I will see her.


I get into the passenger seat of Aria’s car and close the door. She is already staring at me “What?” I ask her as I buckle my seat belt.

"Your hair. It’s still wet." She says as she reaches out to run her fingers through it

"Yeah, I know. I took a little longer in the shower and I didn’t have time to dry my hair."

"It must’ve been a long shower." She says before putting the car in drive and starting down the street.

I cross my arms and look at her “You’re talking about me but you’re still in the same pants you were in yesterday. And,” I lean closer to her “Is that Ezra’s Hollis hoodie?”

Aria stammers “Uh yeah. Actually, I kind of stayed over his place last night.”

I chuckle “So are you guys back together?” I ask, a smirk playing on my face.

"No! I just didn’t want to stay at home and he’s the only one that can keep my mind off of Shana and…what I did." She whispers "We didn’t do anything and I slept on the couch."

I nod “Sounds innocent enough.”

"Yeah but just please don’t tell the girls. You may be rooting for Ezra and me but they still aren’t over the whole ‘stalking us for two years’ thing. Let’s just keep this between us."

I nod. I had plenty of secrets of my own that I wanted to keep from the girls so I understood. A part of me wanted to tell Aria about Emily but it didn’t seem like the right thing to do without consulting her first.

"your secrets safe with me."

She looks at me”They always were.”

I sigh and sit back. I was always the one that the others would reveal their darkest secrets to and Aria sleeping over Ezra’s wasn’t that big of a deal but did I really want to go back to the old Ali?

This was small though. How much harm could it do?

We drive to the Brew and go inside. It’s weird being back here. Everything, even the air, feels different. I lean in closer to Aria as we walk towards the back of the café where Spencer and Hanna are sitting and sipping their coffee.

Hanna sees us and smiles “We ordered for you gus.”

Aria and I sit across from them and I look around “Where’s Em?” I ask when I realize she isn’t there.

Spencer sips her grande sized cup and shrugs “We were hoping she was with you guys”

"No, she said she was meeting us here"

I swallow. It isn’t like Emily to be late and I had just spoken to her, she said she was coming. I don’t want to assume the worst but I can’t help but think something’s wrong.

I am about to suggest that we call her when Hanna speaks “I’m sure she’s on her way. Spence what did you want us to meet for?”

"Oh, I found this in my cupboard yesterday. I showed Ali yesterday but I thought you guys should know. It’s made out to my father, the same pill that killed Mrs. D."

l sigh as Spencer hands the bottle to Hanna and she reads it. Aria moves closer so that she can read it too.

Spencer looks at me sympathetically and I just shake my head. She knows I want no part in this and yet she keeps involving me.

"Ali," she starts when my phone beeps.

I fish it out of my bag and open up the message.

Funny, I thought Alison was only in love with Alison. Sad think that you and Em will never get to go on a real date. The cat’s out of the bag -A

I gulp as my heart starts to race and I get up. I don’t even wait to tell the girls what’s going on, there’s no time.

I run out of the Brew with one goal in mind, find Emily.

I don’t even know where to look but if A’s got her I’ve got no time to weigh out my options.

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Anonymous asked: "Omg I've shipped emison since season 1 and im hoping they genuinely become a thing! And I noticed Ali "put on weight" but is that the dress she is wearing there or is it just sasha looks like that oooorrr???? Ps loving ch1!!! 😊😊"

thank you and ive noticed too. I just think its sasha’s body type

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emison for anon~

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This literally made my day. #emison

The way Sasha sticks her tongue out like she knew Shay was going to do that <3



This literally made my day. #emison

The way Sasha sticks her tongue out like she knew Shay was going to do that <3

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Those kisses weren’t just for practice.

frozendemigods asked: "I really like your Emison fanfic. I'm curious where this is going. Nice job."

Thank you :)

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"A Steady Hand to Guide Me"
Chapter 1 of a Multi Fic
Rated M
Alison’s POV

After confessing her true feelings for Emily, Alison is both nervous and anxious for what the future holds for them. Emily helps her get over her nerves and guides her through the rocky terrain that is their new relationship.

This is chapter one of my Emison Multi Fic and I will upload a new chapter every Tuesday. I will notify you all ahead of time if I am unable to upload on that day.

Please give your feedback either on this tumblr or on my instagram (shay_mlover) and please enjoy! Requests are accepted.


I pace back and forth across my room unsure of what to do with myself. I sent Emily the text asking her to meet me at my place almost 20 minutes ago and either she didn’t get it or she’s still ignoring me. It’s been so frustrating the way she’s been avoiding me and I really need to talk to her to straighten things out between the two of us.

I can handle the other girls being passive with me but not Em.

I pick up my phone from where I threw it on the bed and I am about to call her when I get a text.

Sorry, just got out of swim practice. On my way -Emily

I sigh, relieved that she is at least still willing to talk to me. I remember her telling me that she didn’t swim anymore and wonder why she’d be at practice but forget about it, I’m just happy she’s coming.

I put my phone back on my bed and walk over to my mirror. I stare at myself; all of a sudden I am insecure about the way that I look. Is my hair too frizzy, do I need more lip gloss, maybe I should change.

It’s ironic how the one person that has always only seen me as beautiful is the one person that I actually feel the most self-conscious around.

Before I can even try and fix myself up the doorbell rings. I rush to the door and hurry out of my own room and down the stairs yelling “I’ll get it” so that my dad won’t answer it.

Too late.

By the time I get to the bottom of the steps he is already at the door greeting Emily “Come in.” he says sweetly.

I rush towards them “No! Let’s go outside.” I say, slipping past him and standing in front of Emily “it’s such a nice night.” I smile

"Alison." My dad says nervously

I turn to him “We’ll just be on the porch. I promise.”

He sighs and closes the door behind him leaving Em and I on the porch alone.

I turn to her “I don’t want him or Jason listening in on us. They’ve probably got my room bugged”

She giggles and we both walk towards the steps and sit down.

"So," I say as I settle on the step and turn towards her "swim practice? You arent even wet."

Emily nods “Oh, yeah I’m not actually doing the swimming. Paige and I are helping…”

l cut her off “Paige?” I laugh nervously “I thought you two broke up.”

"We did but we work really well as a unit and we’re trying to be friends."

She says it like the word is foreign to her and all I can think about is how not too long ago she was in love with my enemy, or at least one of them. “And how’s that going?”

Emily shrugs “Pretty well. Things will probably always be a little weird between us but we’re trying”

I nod. I wonder if things are weird because she’s still in love with Paige but I don’t dare say it out loud, I’m afraid of her answer “Well if you’re trying to be friends with her than so will I.”

Emily chuckles “Yeah right.”

"I’m serious! I said I was going to try to make amends with every person that I hurt."

"And how is that going for you?"

“Not too well.”

We both laugh and she gazes out past my house and towards spencer’s. She knows that we aren’t on great terms right now either and she probably feels weird being here without the other girls knowing “Spencer doesn’t believe that you’ll change. Become a better person.”

I look at her and swallow “Well, what do you think?”

She looks back at me; her face muted “I think that you are just going to have to prove to everyone that you can. Including me”

I sigh “Em,”

"You seem different. Humble, kind, at least to me anyways. It’s just the lying. "

"I told you guys I made up that lie to protect Aria. I didn’t mean any real harm by it."

"what about the secrets, Ali? What about Cece and everything else? You can tell me but you can’t tell the other girls? Why?"

I scoot closer to her and grab her hand “Because I trust you, I trust you more than anyone else in this world. I would’ve told you everything if I didn’t think it was dangerous for you to know.”

Emily shakes her head “She thinks you’re trying to divide me from the group. Spencer.”

I take a deep breath “I’m not. I want more than anything for us to all be best friends again but it’s proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be. Spencer doesn’t trust me, Aria’s having a mental melt down and Hanna is going through a ‘mid-life crisis’ there’s just too much going on. You seem to be the only one that actually wants to repair things between us.”

She looks out past the house again “Maybe things are irreparable, Ali” She says sadly.

I bite my lip “I wanted to talk to you about that. I know that things between the 5 of us aren’t going so well but how are things between the two of us? Between you and I?”

Emily looks at me quickly, her face flushed with all sorts of emotions. She looks down at our joined hands and then shrugs “I remember what you told me when we met that night. That you were sorry for hurting me.”

“You believed me right?”

She nods “I did. It had taken me a long time to get past the anger that I was holding on to.I was angry that you broke my heart and then disappeared without even saying goodbye. I was angry that… that you didn’t love me back.”

My heart skips a beat and I swallow “Emily, I…”

She looks up at me and I stop mid-sentence when I see the tears hanging at the brim of her eyes “I had been so angry with you because you confused me. I had been good at acting ‘normal’ but with you I just couldn’t hide it, I couldn’t help myself. And you made me feel horrible about it.”

This time I look down

"But I got over it. You were dead and it was time to forgive and forget. I grew up, became stronger, and embraced who I was. Fell in love over and over again. I was happy with burying my feelings for you. But finding out that you were alive and then actually seeing it with my own eyes was like…like reliving the hell that I had worked so hard on moving past"

Now she was actually crying and so was I. This is what we both needed. Closure. “Loving you has been the most painful, most confusing thing I have ever done and I can’t stop. I can’t.”

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know whether to tell her everything I know she wants to hear, everything I know that I feel or to not say a word. I don’t know what’s right anymore, what I can do to make sure she knows that I will never break her heart again.

I sniffle and squeeze her hand tighter “Emily, listen,” she looks at me and when I see the way her eyes melt like pools of chocolate when she cries I start to break down even more “I am so sorry. I am so sorry for hurting you, for lying to you, breaking your heart. I was a… horrible person. I was selfish and I was afraid.” I look down at our hands and the way that they intertwine like they fit perfectly “I had never…felt that way before. I was embarrassed and I knew that if I had been brave like you had then I would be judged and I couldn’t handle the thought of that. So I pretended that you were just some sort you of target practice. I was trying to run away from what I was really feeling.”

Emily takes a deep breath “So what is the truth, Alison?”

I loosen my grip around her hands and stare past her “The truth is: I prayed day and night that you’d try and kiss me or hold my hand. I’d wish that I had the courage to really tell you how I felt. And when I ran away I’d think about you sometimes, wonder what you were doing. Wonder if you were thinking of me too. I would sometimes imagine sneaking back to Rosewood and climbing into your bedroom window and telling you that…” I feel nauseous. I look at Emily who is hanging onto every word that I am saying.

"Tell me what?" she asks me eagerly.

I blow out of my mouth. To confess this on top of everything that is happening right now would be stupid. Any sane person wouldn’t even admit their deepest darkest feelings to themselves if they were going through what I was, if they had been through what I had. But I wasn’t sane, I was Alison Dilaurentis and the girl in front of me was Emily Fields. She was beautiful and brave and stronger than I ever could be and she was there, still madly in love with me. Even after everything I put her through; even after everyone else gave up on me she never stopped loving me. I owed this to her. I owed this to myself

"Telling you that I loved you. I love you."


Em and I sit for another hour on the porch, crying and touching and at one point even kissing. When we kiss it is slow and tastes like salt from the mixture of our tears but it still makes me burn inside.

I want to stay there forever, with her lips pinned against my own, my arms draped over her shoulders. I could kiss her for a lifetime but then I remember where we are and I remember who we are and that we cannot let the wrong people see us.

I pull away and wipe my mouth. I look down at the lip gloss on my fingertips and smile “You still use ‘Pink Passion’? It was my…”

"Favorite. I know. You said that you liked the way it tasted."

I nod “I did.” I look up at her and smile “Do.”

She smiles back at me and for a moment we just stare at one another longingly until I notice Spencer we walking towards my house. I clear my throat and Emily breaks her gaze and turns around “oh, uh” she says as Spencer reaches the first step of my porch.

"Em, I didn’t know you were going to be here"

"It wasn’t planned." Emily gets up quickly and grabs her bag "I came over after swim practice." She and throws her bag over her shoulder.

"Wait, you don’t have to leave" say quickly, not wanting her to run off so fast.

Emily shakes her head “No, it’s okay. My mom is probably wondering where I am. I’ll call you”

I smile and nod and watch as she hurries across our yard and towards her car.

Spencer chuckles “She’s acting strange.”

I look at her quickly “No she isn’t, she just said her mom wants her home.”

Spencer rolls her eyes “Her mom’s not even home but you may be right.” She replies sarcastically.

"You know you don’t have to be suspicious about everything right, Spence?"

Spencer throws her hands up as she its down next to me “okay. That isn’t what I came over here to talk to you about anyways.” She goes into the satchel situated on her hip and pulls out a pill bottle.

I sigh this can only be about one thing.

"I found this in my cabinet. It’s made out for my father."

She hands me the bottle and I read it aloud “150 milligrams of Losartan for Peter Hastings.” I take a deep breath and hand her back the bottle “You should get this back before your dad notices that it’s missing.”

"What? Ali, they said that your mother died because someone switched her blood pressure pills. For Losartan! This is important. My dad could’ve…"

"Spencer! Stop, okay? I don’t want to talk about this; I’m just starting to be able to go to bed without crying."

She scoffs “I thought you’d care more about the way your mother was murdered. Especally my father was the one that did it.”

"we don’t know that okay." My voice strains from trying not to cry

"Yeah, because the people across the street somehow snuck into your house, switched your mom’s pills, and then buried her in my backyard. He had motive, Ali. It has to be him."

I stand up “Well then you take it up with him. I’m done getting involved in things that I have no business being involved in. Maybe you should follow suit.”

Spencer gets up and shakes her head “There’s difference between having good information that could a help someone and just choosing not to use it. I learned that from you” She leans a little closer to me and then steps back “You have some pink on your lips.”

She doesn’t even allow me to speak, just runs down my steps and walks back to her house. I wipe my mouth quickly.

I shake my head; I wasn’t lying when I said that I was done getting involved. I loved my mother dearly but she definitely wasn’t a good person. Whoever killed her had motive just like she had motive when she tried to bury me alive. I figure not getting involved will save me a lot of guilt and heart-ache.

The truth will come out eventually whether I push it or not.

I walk into my house and head up the stairs to my room. I am about to start getting ready for bed when my phone goes off. It’s a text, from Emily.

Call me when you get this -Emily

Ismile and call her number without hesitation. I wait patiently as the line rings. She says “Hey” when she picks and she sounds happy. Tired but happy
“Hey.” I say back as I sit down on a chair “I’m sorry about running off like that. I just didn’t want Spencer to get the wrong idea about us, you know.”

I giggle “I know, Em. It’s okay.”

I hear her sigh on the other end, she sounds like she’s lying down.

"If you’re going to sleep can I can call you tomorrow. Or we could meet up."

"No, it’s okay. Just stay on the phone with me until I fall asleep, no one is home right now and I just feel safer with you on the other line."

I smile to myself “okay”

For a while we don’t say anything and I can hear her breathing become slow and steady. I am about to hang up when I hear my name.

"Ali," she whispers. I put the phone back to my ear T"hank you…"

She doesn’t need to elaborate because I know what she’s thanking me for. I chuckle softly wishing that I was there with her so that I could thank her.

Instead I simply say “Good night, Em” And when she doesnt say anything back I hang up. I hold the phone to my chest and bite my lip. They still taste like strawberries, like her.

I have a lot on my plate right now and it’s going to take a while to sort everything out. Some things are irreparable as Emily had said but I can sleep soundly at night knowing that at least we aren’t. She knows how feel I about her, she knows that I am sorry and most importantly she knows that love her.

I hope at least now she can sleep soundly at night too knowing that.

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Anonymous asked: "Do you have a part two to the beremy fic you wrote about bonnie and jeremy and their baby?"

Yes i do. Just trying to find the time to upload it

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g0ld-chains asked: "bamon is real you mad :)"

lol nah girl cause i got what i wanted and thats beremy. Bamon held hands as they slipped off into oblivion and that was because they had NO other option. If thats real then shit #teambamon true love.

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You must be new here if you had any expectation “Shitty Dumb Bitch Can’t Write A Good Story To Save Her Life Plec” and her minion “Caroline Dry Pussy Cant Get No D Because She’s A Basic Bitch” were going to give you a decent season finale



There are three types of TVD people right now :

people that are just emotional as fuck

People that were giddy as fuck and are now emotional as fuck (damon dying then bonnie dying)

And people that are just pissed

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bamon fans might be throwing a fucking party and talking shit about beremy but guess what: theyre both dead so you will never get anything more then that hand hold.

Youre all back to fanfiction where you started

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moral of the entire show story: bonnie bennett is better than all of you