"It's You and Me Stefan...Always."


What went wrong with Damon and Elena:

Where to start with this one? Many of the audience has asked if it is a coincidence that the time this pairing came together was the same as when the writing and overall quality started to degrade. First I am just going to examine what my own personal feelings are on Damon and Elena and then look at it objectively.

I saw from the first few episode the allure of Damon and Elena. It quickly became a popular fandom and has since dominated most of what this show publicises. But the writing of the Stefan and Elena relationship made me fall in love with their relationship and I thought Paul and Nina’s chemistry hit the gold. After Damon snapped Jeremy’s neck I think there was no going back after that. Damon and Elena to me has always been very lustful and sure I loved their friendship like back in season 1 their roadtrip to Atlanta and the way Damon protected Elena was sweet (Even though it was misguided at times), but the writing of Stefan/Elena up to season three established that Elena would never fall for Damon like she did with Stefan. The whole human/vampire relationship was for me a huge aspect when it came to the love triangle. After Elena became a vampire and sold out her morals, I didn’t really understand why the Salvatores were still drawn to her. Season 3 concluded that whilst yes there was something between Damon and Elena, Elena was in love with Stefan. Then season 4 happened.

The writing of Damon and Elena has been very messy and seems to have been rushed for fan service. I could’ve accepted Damon and Elena but the problem was that the way they happened went again everything the show presented to the audience in prior seasons. The way Elena fell out of love with Stefan for Damon with a sire bond involved made the story very un-natural. This betrayal on both Elena and Damon’s part to Stefan regressed their characters and made them unlikeable. After Elena slept with Damon, she became a completely different person and I guess this relationship really did consume her. The whole point of Damon and Elena was this cliche that she brought out the best in him but the problem was that he brings out the worst in her. Elena justified her need to kill to protect Damon on multiple occasions and even with Elena Damon could not be the better person when he killed Aaron, his aunt even whilst he was dating Elena, threatened Jeremy and Matt. The character inconsistincies with Elena are a main concern. She tells Katherine that she let her live because she wanted her to find her humanity yet stands by and lets Damon kill her anyway. Then she tells Damon that she accepts him for who he is but then calls him up pleading him not to kill Dr Maxfield and Damon promises only to say later he was never going to listen to Elena in the first place. What kind of relationship is this exactly? Damon and Elena haven’t been given even 1/3rd of the emotional scenes that Stefan and Elena had which just shows how physically motivated this couple is. Even when they break up all Damon talked about was how uncomfortable it was being around Elena because her clothes weren’t on. Ugh.

On top of this the need to justify this relationship has been the center of every single episode for the last season. They recognise they are a toxic relatonship and that they don’t work yet the writers want to keep forcing them down everyone’s throats? Elena said last season that Damon would prove to be the worst decision which we now have seen yet the writers still aren’t allowing the characters to witness the repercussions of this- why are Damon and Elena then still together if you obviously think that they make a better couple than Stefan and Elena. The fact that Elena was more heartbroken about Damon dying than Stefan just shows that in their minds they think they’ve done a great job with the writing of this relationship. Damon and Elena just don’t work and the fact the writers made the past two season’s storylines revolve around them has weakened everything.

Damon never faces the consequences of his actions and gets portrayed as some sort of victim who Elena defends. It’s getting old. I honestly don’t care about Damon and Elena anymore. Elena sucks as a person now and all Damon cares about is her not judging him all the damn time. The fact that Elena can’t recognise that she’s changed because she still wants to be around him 24/7 despite him continuing to threaten her friends and family makes zero sense whatsoever.

Also the shippers seem to think that Damon and Elena are Nina and Ian and fail to separate the line between fake and reality and think that just because these two were a couple off screen they have to be on screen as well. It doesn’t work that way.

I could’ve gotten over Damon and Elena if the writers actually took their time to develop them. Like for instance why didn’t Elena choose Damon in the season 3 finale instead? Obviously because becoming a vampire wouldn’t have been enough, the sire bond was needed. This couple is not organic storytelling that has since derived the main plot. The writers behave like season 1-3 happened and failed to show me as a viewer why Damon and Elena make a great love story because they don’t. They both couldn’t even fight compulsion for one another. Sigh I won’t let this go on any longer but do I think that Damon/Elena was the moment this show went downhill? Not specifically but what I do know is that they couldn’t show this relationship without compromising the characters and the story which to me says it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

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So, Elena realizes she had feelings for Damon in 3x01, but in S3 finale her choice was to be still with Stefan


daily reminder that this actually happened, that damon salvatore actually smirked after he saw “the love of his life” react to her brother being held hostage



Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec wanted to end the shitty triangle at 2x01 right after Damon killed Elena’s brother but they were surprised by the amount of sympathy that Damon got for killing Jeremy so DO NOT TELL ME THAT DELENA ISNT FANSERVICE BECAUSE IT IS


He was Stefan’s brother. He was a monster, then he died.


I like how Elena is crying, mourning, playing the victim card, and acting all extra for Damon while her supposed eternal love is chilling with Bon Bon and making pancakes, but that’s none of my business.

Elena has pushed me so far to the point where I am defending DAMON. I would rather see Damon and Bonnie (and that is saying something) together than to hear Elena cry one more time over her 2 sec relationship with a man that she despised not too long ago.

Like firstly, she had me fucked up the first ep of s6 with her crazy ass. We get it, you loved Damon but honestly you are taking shit to a new level of love. I want to blame it on the sire bond because that is the only logical explanation as to why she was freaking out the way she was.

We havent even seen the bitch shed a mf tear over her best friend who shes known her ENTIRE life but Damon, whom she’s only known for 4 short years and spent half of them hating him nd being madly in love with his brother, gets a fucking Emmy nominated performance.


how dare you call stefan up and literally demand he do something about HIS brother being dead so that YOU can be relieved of your misery. You want the mf back so badly then you do something about it you useless bitch

Then in last weeks ep she gave Alaric two of the weakest examples as to why she was so crazy in love with Damon:

1.He saved you from embarrasment at the Miss Mystic pagent because your boyfriend was blood lusting which you got over real quick at the time. AND Damon was the one that encouraged stefan to start drinking human blood again so I blame him for that shit too. But still a weak ass example as to how you can love someone so much that you cannot survive a day without them unless their entire exsitence is erased from your memory.

2. Because when stefan was missing Damon gave you his locket. Which in your words wasnt one of the MANY reasons that he is selfless but one of the ONLY times hes ever been selfless.

Fucking pathetic is what you are.

Elena at this point I would rather see you dead than to see you and Damon back together and I honestly dont even blame him for this shit anymore. Yeah he’s a dick, yeah he’s selfish, and yeah he shouldve left you alone to begin with when he saw you with his broher BUT he tried to warn your dumbass. HE IS A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE PERSON. So terrible that he’s made you worse than he is.

At least damon has stayed true to himself, with or without you. You dont even know who the fuck you are anymore.

You are already starting this season on some bullshit and I have personally had more than my fair share of shit from you.

Fuck off

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Why Bonnie should ditch Elena:

  • Bonnie has suffered so many losses for Elena’s sake, e.g. her grandmother, her mother (becoming a vampire), her own LIFE.
  • Elena constantly shifts the focus to herself, e.g. when talking about the other side collapsing and Bonnie dying again, she talks about her…


Season 1 vs Season 5